TAG-AL00 Fix Play Store firmware By

Huawei TAG AL00 play store fix firmware free


Flash Only System And User Data With CM2.

Huawei tag al00 play store fix firmware read info with cm2

Patch Level : HUAWEITAG-AL00
Display ID : TAG-AL00C92B166
Ver. CodeName : REL
Ver. Release : 5.1
Sec. Patch : 2016-10-05
Build Time : 1480475976
Product Model : HUAWEI TAG-AL00
Product Brand : HUAWEI
Product Name : TAG-AL00
Product Device : HWTAG-L6753
Product Board : TAG-AL00
Product Manfct : HUAWEI
Board Platform : mt6753
Product Info : hq6753_66t_b2c_l1

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