ANE-LX2 8.0 Repair Imei And Reset Frp (C636) Flashing By SD Card ok by

ANE-LX2 Imei repair file:

In higher versions of Android and the latest ANE-LX2 phone security, the IMEI can not be repaired, and HCU and other boxes give a security error, and the ANE-LX2 Imei repair operation encounters an error.

this file can easily solve the problem and the phone is downgraded to a lower version and the IMEI can be easily changed.

sometimes it happens after installing the New Firmware on the phone, the IMEI code is lost And will be displayed invalid

This file is a tested downgrade ROM, which can be written on a Huawei ANE-LX2 phone and downgraded to a lower version. after the downgrade, you can repair the Imei and solve network problems.

After downloading and repairing the ANE-LX2 Imei and solving the ANE-LX2 security error, you can easily flash the ROM with the current build number or higher on the phone.

Features to solve the problem of Imei repair and downgrade ANE-LX2

ANE-LX2 Imei repair

Downgrade ANE-LX2

Solve security error in Imei and ANE-LX2 network repair

No problem with WiFi, Bluetooth, fingerprint, voice call

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